Mild temps this week; Major storm potential Friday

Early clouds and fog will break for some sun over the course of the day today. The next several days look beautiful with lots of sun and mild 50s.

Cooler weather returns later this week and just in time for a potentially long-duration coastal storm.

Gusty winds, rain, coastal flooding, river flooding and even snow are POSSIBLE impacts from this storm depending on the storm’s timing, location and intensity. Thursday through Saturday is the time-frame to monitor.

Rain is a good bet as early as Thursday afternoon. Then the question is do we change over to a period of snow Friday or Saturday morning? There’s a chance most of the state stays rain with a change to snow (maybe heavy snow) in the hills. It’s a really close call. Either way, plan for possible travel issues during that time.

Forecast Details:

TODAY: Partly cloudy, mild. High: Low-mid 50s.

TUESDAY:  Mostly sunny. High: Low-mid 50s.

WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny. Low-mid 50s.

THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy, chance afternoon rain. High: Near 50.

FRIDAY: Rain/Snow Mix: High: Upper 30s.

SATURDAY: Rain/Snow Mix: High: Low 40s.

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