Model/TV show host Chrissy Teigen tweets about ’emotional support casserole’ before flight

Well, good news! Scalloped potato casseroles can be on airplanes, according to the TSA. We know you needed to know this.

Model Chrissy Teigen, known for her funny tweetstorms, tweeted at American Airlines the other day as she was going through a TSA check about wanting to bring her ’emotional support casserole’ on board with her.

Teigen, an expecting mother, was determined to take these scalloped potatoes with her.

Luckily for the soon-to-be mom of two, who is married to musician John Legend, not only did the airline respond, so did the Transportation Security Administration.

American Airlines directed her to ask TSA, and so the conversation continued:

Victory! She even tweeted a video to the delight of her followers of her bringing the food through TSA.

And later posted a picture of her with her victory winning dish of prized scalloped potatoes.

Crisis averted, and should you ever have a craving for scalloped potatoes but need to take a flight, looks like you can most likely take your emotional support food with you! Best to contact your airline first, however.