Woody’s, a Hartford hot dog institution, to close after over 40 years

HARTFORD -- After more than 40 years in Hartford, Woody's is set to close.

The restaurant known for its hot dogs will be closing on Saturday, March 10, according to the owners.

"They're closing and I wanted to get my last hot dog before we have to say goodbye forever," said Mike DiPietro, who stopped by on his lunch break. "It's a Hartford institution."

They said they are happy that they will be able to stay open for the St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Hartford. Woody's is located right on Main Street, and has been a popular destination for many people to stop by for a hot dog, especially on their lunch break, since it's within walking distance of many businesses.

"There's a lot of mixed emotions this will be our 44th season, we love the city of Hartford so many of the people that are here are dear customers and friends to us," said Cindy Wood, the owner.

The owners cite personal health issues as to why they're closing, however they say they still hope to have a food truck on the streets of Hartford to continue serving their hot dogs.