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Potholes still a major issue for drivers in Connecticut

EAST HARTFORD -- Driving around the state has been a lot more bumpy for many drivers recently. Drivers that spoke with FOX61 said they are hitting a lot more potholes on the highways and on the roads.

Paul LeBlanc who owns Paul's Auto Repair in East Hartford said he's seeing a lot of people come in to get their car fixed because they ran over a pothole.

"This time of the year generally cars will be more inclined to come in on a regular basis for things like this more so than the summer," LeBlanc said.

He added it could take a while to get your car fixed too.

"It could be something as quick as getting a tire, and you can be in and out in a half hour. It could be something as complicated as rebuilding a front corner of the vehicle and calling the insurance company you could be out of it for a few days," LeBlanc said.

That's why many drivers are making sure they're cautious out on the roads.

"I check my tires, my car has a pressure system so usually if I hit one and it's kind of hard I'll put that on and make sure it's not turning yellow or red right away," said Matthew Beaulieu, who lives in South Windsor.