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Hartford Camera Bar succeeds in smartphone world

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HARTFORD -- Rick Goldenthal’s had a passion for pictures his entire life. “I have been walking through this door for over 37 years and each day it is very exciting, says the owner of the Camera Bar in Hartford.”

The photography shop on Asylum Street in Hartford opened its doors in 1956. Rick started working at the shop in the 1980’s and he bought the business in 1996. High above the showroom floor are hundreds of examples of just how much his cameras have evolved in that time.

“It’s just amazing how technology has progressed over the years,” says Goldenthall’s son, Aaron.

In a day when so many of us are capturing memories on our androids and iphones, how’s the Camera Bar keeping up?

“Actually, the iPhone is excellent because it keeps everyone in the mindset of images,” says Rick.

Aaron went into the camera business with his dad in 2011 and shared secrets about how the pair competes with other gadgets that do just about everything.

“A lot of my friends don’t have real cameras, they have their cell phones but when they go on trips and they come back and they are disappointed with how their pictures look and then they say to me hey, do you think you can help me out and pick out a great camera and I say absolutely, says Aaron.

Aaron says the team here is singularly focused on helping folks get great shots and that cameras can do things your phone can not. “every day I pick up a Camera and make sure I know how to use it, so no matter what someone has I am able to answer that question,” he said.

It’s personal attention father and son agree you won’t find online or in the big box stores.

“All we do is sell camera equipment, we are not worried about selling washers and dryer’s and televisions or refrigerators, all we do is specialize in one particular type of thing. And by doing that We have great knowledge behind it and expertise, says Aaron.

It’s expertise and a love for helping customers capture life’s memorable moments the Goldenthals say will keep customers coming in to the Camera Bar.

I think as long as people are interested in images, we’ll be here and as long as we stay on top of technology we’ll be very successful,” says Rick

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