US Coast Guard in New Haven prepare for upcoming nor’easter

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NEW HAVEN -- Friday's Nor'easter is supposed to bring a little bit of everything ranging from heavy wind gusts to snow.

This is a storm the U.S. Coast Guard will be on standby for.

The issue with this storm is not so much the snow this time but more so the coastal flooding. The U.S. Coast Guard said if snow and ice is involved, it could make their jobs more difficult.

Coastal Connecticut and Long Island are expected to see heavy rain and snow along with strong, damaging winds Thursday night into Saturday morning.

The U.S. Coast Guard in New Haven is no stranger to this type of weather, so they spent the afternoon preparing for it.

"These are high performance vessels that can handle up to 10-foot seas and 50 knot winds. As far as shore rescues, we're usually relying on our local port partners or local agencies," said Petty Officer Second Class Benjamin Lind.

The Coast Guard said they are on standby 24/7 to respond to water rescues. However, depending on how bad conditions are, they said it can slow down their respond time.

They are reminding recreational boaters to take note of the dangers of ice which can lead to slips, trips and falls.

"Ice is always a danger for any kind of boating and snowfall can impede your ability to see clearly in the heavy storm, so it's important people make preparations to stay safe ahead of time," added Lind.

They are also reminding marina operators to put off routine operations as the high winds, rain and sea state will make for poor visibility.

"I would advise any recreational vessel to get back to a safe harbor as soon as possible, double up their mooring lines, make sure that they have extra fenders, and that they’re checking their bilges to make sure their pumps are operational and that they’re not accumulating an excess amount of rainwater," added Lind.

The Emergency Operations Center in New Haven said there will be a chance for downed wires and trees.

They will be partially activated starting Friday at 8 a.m. to respond to any calls.

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