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Milford high school seniors working to finish strong

Olivia Ouellette, Katilin Roman, and Lindsay Brooks, Foran High School Milford

Senioritis is a common affiliation with students in their final years of high school which is characterized by a decline in motivation or performance in their school work.

At Foran High School there is a policy that states if a senior has an 87% or better in their class at the end of the year that they will not have to take finals.

Senior Sem Jans says that the impact of grades on college is a huge aspect to why he takes such pride in his grades.

In order to have better chances of getting into a good college Jans states how he must keep his grades up in order to ensure that his colleges see an upward trend of grades.

“Whenever I open gradebook I always feel some sort of achievement if I have good grades. ALso I'm heading to college next year and some colleges check your transcripts at the end of the year so I wanna keep my grades up so that I will end up going to college” says Jans.

AP Calculus teacher Mr. Peters gives some tips about how seniors could potentially beat senioritis and end the year with a strong finish.

“The best advice I give to my seniors whether they’re in AP Calculus or in any other math classes that I teach is to always set high standards for yourself because your grades in high school go as far as to get you into college but to set high standards for yourself beyond is what's gonna give you success in life” says Peters.

Peters claims that he wants his students to have success out of the classroom just as much as in the classroom. While grades have the power to get you into a successful college, you must have the ability to be successful through life.

That is why seniors must continue their good grades throughout the entire year not only to impress their colleges, but to acclimate themselves to the feeling of success in which they we will hopefully carry on for the rest of our lives.

This frequently talked about myth is not happening to this years seniors and at the rate they are going success is just around the corner.


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