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Nor’easter pays a visit to Westbrook

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WESTBROOK - The wicked weather in Westbrook created a bit of a road block for residents Friday.

The road Dominick Damartino lives on, Beach Way, was flooded in the afternoon, so he had to walk through the water to get home.

"One of the worst I've ever seen the roads," he said.

Flooding in his neighborhood is something he is used to. The good news, he said his home is elevated enough that it was only impacted by flood waters once.

Westbrook Emergency Management Director Donald Izzo, spent the days leading up to Friday keeping up with the nor'easter.

Izzo said his main concern was the winds.

"We know the winds are gonna be picking up later on this afternoon," he said. "Very dangerous winds and with that potential could be power outages."

He said he has been stopping by normal trouble spots in the town, inland and on the immediate coastline.

"If the low tide doesn't drop later this afternoon that means our marshes, our river, our immediate coastline didn't get the traditional low tide that means high tide will come in even higher it will be astronomical because of the full moon."

The good news, the water levels were low in the late afternoon.

Izzo said the department keeps the community updated through its alert system, but also on social media.

"We are ready," he said. "Working very closely with police and fire services."

The town has an emergency management team of about 20 people ready to respond to any issues that may pop up, Izzo said.

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