Power slowly coming back 3 days after Friday’s nor’easter

MONROE —  Thousands across the state were without power following Friday's storm, and some residents in Monroe were still in the dark Monday morning.

"Frustration, furious," said Kim Jacovino of Monroe. "I am so upset."

Many said they continuously called Eversource looking for answers.

"I called Eversource, they said I will have you back up by 7 p.m. 9 o'clock nothing," said Gillian Zabawa of Monroe. "I called them back at 9 o'clock, the answer we got was, we are not really sure when you’re going to be restored."

Approximately 75 homes were still without power in Monroe Monday morning.

"We pay our bills, you know we pay that extra money for the insurance that we are going to have our power when we need it," said Zabawa.

Eversource said they were unable to address certain issues in some areas because of safety concerns. On top of that, they said some of the problems were more complex, and required additional crews to remove trees, and debris, put up new poles, and fix downed power lines.

"We understand that Eversource is dealing with a complex situation statewide, and we understand that it is a difficult thing at times to juggle these priorities that are across the state," said Monroe First Selectman, Ken Kellogg. "However, it is important to me that we make sure that we are getting our residents correct current information."

First Selectman Kellogg, was very vocal about his frustrations with Eversource's response, and made sure to keep Monroe residents updated through posts on the town Facebook page.

One post reading in part, "I have expressed my displeasure with the lack of progress for the affected Monroe residents."

Residents said that displeasure turned into a very urgent problem for some.

"I live with a lady who has breathing issues, and needs oxygen, and to run the oxygen you need electricity," said Zabawa. "So she’s running on one of the very last tanks that she’s got, so it's a very scary situation, and it's dire, we need to get power back."

Now, with the threat of yet another storm on the horizon, there is an even bigger sense of urgency.

"There's anther nor'easter coming, and they’re expecting high winds and heavy snows again," said Zabawa. "That's in two days from now, so we need power as soon as possible."

First Selectman Kellogg said crews were on scene Monday morning, and Eversource confirms that they expect to have these issues resolved by the end of the day.