Snow days are piling up for some Connecticut schools

WETHERSFIELD -- As the snow adds up, the chance that the school year ends on time begins to evaporate.

That's the case this year according to a number of school administrators challenged by the academic calendar that will surely be lengthened by yet another snow storm headed to Connecticut.

"It's a lot of snow days," said Micheal Emmett, the superintendent of Wethersfield Public Schools.

Emmett said he has had to cancel school four times this year, with the likelihood more classes will be cancelled in the days ahead.

"Right now my last day of school would be Tuesday, June 19th." The state requires 180 days of school per year, Emmett said the law allows him to run classes until June 30th. "These snow days certainly have an impact," he added.

In Glastonbury, Dr. Alan Bookman, the superintendent of schools said his district has lost five days due to snow, with two schools losing an extra day due to a water main break and a downed power line.

"It's much more than our average," Bookman said. "We're getting into the third week of June (for the school year to finish) if we get anymore snow days."

Both, Bookman and Emmett stressed that their snow day decisions come down to what's best for students and staff.

Emmett added, "no matter what decision I make someone isn't going to be happy but the bottom line is making sure our kids are safe and making sure our staff members are safe, that's the most important thing."