Eversource aims to restore Connecticut power by Monday

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HARTFORD — Eversource crews have been working around the clock to restore power to people impacted by Wednesday’s snow storm.

So far power has been restored to more than 208,000 customers since the storm began.

Thousands of customers including, Haddam resident Lance Mack, remain in the dark.

Mack has been without power since Wednesday’s storm around 8 PM.

“We took the plow truck down the driveway,” he said.

And Instead of waiting for utility crews Mack decided to cut up fallen trees on his power himself.

“We basically plowed the driveway with that," he said. "I did the trees off the line. And then to move the trees into the woods I actually use my bombardier.”

Like thousands of people in town impacted by the storm, the father of four and his family are living without a working furnace or running water.

“Flushing a toilet you use rainwater, use run off, you use snowmelt to wash your face,” Mack said. “You use snow melts for a lot of things...no running water because everybody in Haddam is running off of the well and Wells run off of electricity.”

Mack is trying salvage as much food from the unpowered refrigerator as he can.

Instead of going through the trouble of hooking up his generator, Mack and his family are using this wood burning stove to keep everyone, including their cat Snitzle and their dog Roxy, warm.

“So we just keep that burning and if it goes out we just started again with fire bricks,” Mack said.

Other areas faired a little better Friday.

Some of Tammy Schuler’s family in her hometown of Haddam were up and running again.

“My dad just got his power back at noon today,” Schuler said. “And he lives here. And same with my brother.”

Schuler’s friend, Scott Geary of Durham, said he was without power for less than a day. He’s happy with the response time of utility crews.

“They did good in Durham,” Geary said. “I expected to be out for a few days.”

Mack does not feel the same way.

“I think their responses very slow,” he said. “I haven’t seen any trucks on the road.”

He may be without power for the weekend. Luckily, it’s not a big deal for him.

“I don’t care,” Mack said. “I’m going to the Dominican Republic on Sunday.”

Eversource expects the majority of customers currently without power to be up and running no later than Sunday at 11pm.

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Eversource released a full list of restoration times.

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