Dog waits months outside hospital for dead owner to return

Credit: Fox News

BRAZIL —  A dog has been camping outside a hospital for months in hopes of reuniting with his owner who rushed to the hospital.

What the dog doesn’t know, is that his owner was fatally stabbed, according to Fox News.

The dog’s owner, a 59-year-old homeless man, was rushed to the hospital after being stabbed in a local park a few months ago.

Nearby resident Cristine Sardella, who was at the hospital last month, took pictures of the dog and posted them to Facebook, saying that humans have a lot to learn from animals.

Credit: Fox News


According to Fox News, the dog has been laying outside the hospital’s reception office on a rug while staring inside waiting for his best friend to return.


Despite this sad moment, the dog  will soon have a new home.

Fox News reports that the dog at this time, is being taken care of by hospital staff and will be vaccinated and be seen by a veterinarian.

Also, a hospital staff member has interest in adopting the dog.

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