Not everyone is tired of the snow

NEW HAVEN --  Connecticut's schools have had multiple days off over the past two weeks, but none are in danger of bumping up against the state's June 30 deadline to complete the school year.

"We are in really good shape in West Haven," said West Haven Superintendent of Schools, Neil Cavallaro.

The Superintendent said, if West Haven requires a snow day Tuesday, that would mark the sixth of this winter.

"That will take us to Friday, June 15," said Cavallaro, in his 10th year running the city's schools. The last day of school in neighboring New Haven will be June 20 if schools are closed in the Elm City Tuesday.

For the past several years, West Haven’s school calendar has changed so kids wouldn’t be in school so late in June.

"Since that time, we have backed up the start date and we’ve eliminated three days from February vacation," said Cavallaro.

Some school systems will start to subtract days from April vacation if snow days are required beyond tomorrow.

And, with another storm coming, the mad dash is on to local supermarkets.

"Snow business is always good business," said Donna Angeletti, owner of the T & J Supermarket in East Haven​. "It’s always good business because people come in like they’re not going to eat for the next 10 days."

That translates to double a normal days business, which is the same for other businesses.

"The wind blows, knocks the trees down and then you get a snowstorm five days later so you got a lot of compromised tree," said John Cervero, an owner of Wallingford Tree Service. ​

Last week’s nor’easter, the breaking point.

"The snow came down really heavy and just started snapping trees," said Cervero, a licensed arborist, in the tree business for 27 years. "The phone starts ringing and we’ve got to start reacting. Unblocking driveways, taking trees off of houses, off of cars."​

Snow removal budgets are all over the map. While New Haven still has over $130,000 left in its budget, neighboring Hamden is well over $100,000 in the red.