Tolland prepares for another round of snow

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TOLLAND – It’s almost starting to sound like a broken record.

The state is getting ready for yet another snow storm—the third one in two weeks.

Department of Transportation workers are pretreating roads. Over 600 snow plows will be on the roads during the storm and crews will be repairing power lines and clearing broken trees.

The grocery stores are also running its usual drills.

“It’s New England. People seem pretty sane. There’s bread, there’s milk. People aren’t crazy. It’s like we’re kind of rolling with it right now,” said Rhonda Hebert of  Storrs.

Jessica Cooley on the other hand is just about through with it all.

“I have three young kids and they’ve missed a lot of school,” said Cooley.

It’s a sentiment shared by Sarah, a worker at Papa T’s pizzeria in Tolland.

She’s had a rough run in with the weather recently.

“The last two times we had a storm we lost power. So we were home in the cold, in the dark. I have to do all the shoveling and snow blowing,” said Sarah.

She’s been doing it all alone because her fiancé is too busy helping others.

“He’s a lineman. He works on power lines. So he’s been gone for almost two weeks now since the first storm hit,” she said.

A reality that’s tough for someone else too.

Sarah's husband works 16 hours on many days and coming home every night just isn’t an option.

“They work such long days. They don’t want to send them all the way home since people live all over the state,” she said.

Sarah and her family are looking forward for spring. When it’s all said and done, she said her husband owes her something big.

“Vacation I think,” said Sarah.

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