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Another nor’easter causes snowstorm fatigue

NORWICH --  Norwich was the heaviest hit areas during Tuesday’s snowstorm.

“I’m done, I’m done. I want spring to come. Be all done with it,” said Ben Ahrens.

Residents like Ahrens are "over the snow."

“Nope, nope I’m done with winter,” said Ahrens neighbor, Kyle DeGray. “Spring just needs to come today.”

However, winter is not done with us.

“I feel like we got spoiled in February so now we’re getting the brunt of what we should have gotten earlier this year,” DeGray said.

Ahrens said Norwich is paying the price for largely being spared in the last several snow storms.

“The last snow storm we only got two inches down here,” he said. “The rest turned to rain, so it wasn’t too bad.”

This time around the city received about 20.5 inches of snow, which is more than any city or town throughout the state.

If good things come in threes, then perhaps the third nor’easter in two weeks isn’t so bad for people like Ahrens’ daughter Nicole.

“Our landlord pays me to shovel the snow because sometimes she can’t make it, so I get paid for when it snows,” Nicole Ahrens said.

Across town, retired Norwich resident Antonio Barros spent hours shoveling snow around his home on Broadway before hiring himself out for snow removal jobs.

“Who going to do for me,” Barros said. “The state? I don’t think so. So, I do myself.”

All of the storms are taking a toll on the state’s infrastructure.

Mike Ludwig is the manager at the Oak Leaf Marina in Old Saybrook where a power line came down during the storm, which is the second time that has happened in a week.

“I was in the office and it sounded a lot like a chair getting dragged across the floor and the lights flickered and the cable came down,” Ludwig said.

Eversource told Ludwig the power is off and they’re going to replace the wires.

Back in Norwich, Mayor Peter Nystrom said they got lucky during Tuesday’s storm.

“Pretty smooth day,” Nystrom said. “We had a couple of outages this morning. That was restored rather quickly.”

However, when old man winter is ready to leave, there will be no love lost by residents in Norwich.

“Can’t take much more of this stuff,” Ahrens said.