Guilford High students campaign to end the ‘r-word’

GUILFORD --Students at Guilford High School are coming together to campaign for the end of the "r" word.

The campaign is part of an effort to raise awareness about the dehumanizing and hurtful effects of the word “retard." Students said their intent is to spread the word to end that word.

Those wanting to participate can sign a pledge and get a wristband in return, which is supposed to serve as a reminder to be more aware of the language they use and how it may impact others.

“We don't use this word because it’s like really hurtful and kids do get hurt by it even if you don’t think they would," said GHS junior Ian Slattery. "Understand what it means. They definitely do, and we want to, just, in this day and age, we want to be more accepting of others because they’re honestly all great kids, the ones that this word might be targeting.”

“I think it’s a really important event for everybody and like yeah - What do you want your fellow students to know? - That everybody is important and that like this event is important!” said freshman Sam Geller.

This year, the students will be donating money raised from this even to the Ethan Song Memorial Fund.

Song was a student who died earlier this year and was an active member of the Unified Sports Club.