Naugatuck man charged with voyeurism at Waterbury YMCA

WATERBURY -- Leonidas Fernando Torres-Cabrera was using his YMCA membership for more than working out.

Waterbury police said the 30 year old was arrested Thursday for secretly videotaping in the YMCA men’s locker room.

“Get him out of here. I don’t want to be working out and the guy is lushing off me or something,” said Waterbury YMCA member Malik Frazier.

Cabrera is a repeat offender according to Waterbury police.

The Naugatuck man was arrested on February 6th for doing the same thing at the Southington YMCA.

“Go in the stall, change in the stall, don’t change out in the open,” said James Richardson, who is also a Waterbury YMCA member. “That’s how I feel about it.”

An investigation into that incident led Southington Police to discover video from the Waterbury YMCA stashed in the suspects hard drive.

After being tipped off by Southington police, Waterbury police opened their own investigation and confirmed the crime occurred in late January and early February.

It is concerning news for Waterbury members like Frazier.

“It is a lot of kids though,” Frazier said. “You got to watch out for that type of stuff.”

James Richardson received a notice about the Waterbury incident from YMCA management.

He and his friend, Darius Mendez, said the facility is trying to make things safer with signs cracking down on cell phones.

“It said something along the lines of no cell phone use in the locker room,” Richardson said. “So at least there’s definitely incentive there. At least they’re trying to do something.”

“I think it’s pretty appropriate,” Mendez said. “It just, it’s showing that they actually care about the matter.”

In a statement, Waterbury Y management said:
“We are shocked and dismayed by the alleged behavior of one of our members, Leonidas Fernando Torres-Cabrera. We immediately revoked his membership after learning of his arrest in Southington...”

FOX61’s reporting about Cabrera’s February arrest revealed the suspect would position a cell phone in a gym bag and record near the drying area outside the showers in Southington.

The man later admitted as much to police and claimed ownership of the items.

Waterbury police have charged Cabrera with six counts of voyeurism.

Frazier said the incident is not enough to make him give up his YMCA membership.

“No I feel pretty safe here,” Frazier said. “It’s pretty decent. They got the front guy. He checks you in. He says hi all the time.”

Cabrera was released from Waterbury Police custody on a 25-thousasnd dollar bond.

Waterbury police believe the January and February incidents were both isolated although it is unclear whether any other local YMCA’s were affected.