Suspect indicted on 51 counts of voyeurism for social media extortion scheme

BROOKLYN -- Christopher Lamb stood before a judge Friday morning facing 51 charges. The 25-year-old is accused of trying to threaten and coerce more than 20 women and girls into sending him nude photos of themselves.

State's Attorney Lou Louba said the arrest came after a years-long investigation.

"It was ongoing for a number of years," said Louba. "Because of their hard work and their dedication in following this through to the end, we were able to locate all 20 victims, track them down and make a successful arrest."

In court, Lamb's attorney said his client cooperated with authorities and is currently undergoing treatment. Lamb currently lives with his parents in Brooklyn, Connecticut. Neighbors there said they are shocked by the allegations.

"It's not like it was an accident," said neighbor Brandy Haas. "This was something that seems to be very intentional to victimize women and put them in a position where they feel threatened."

The state's attorney said they are not aware of any more victims at this point, but added there could be others who have yet to come forward.

If you believe you were a victim, you are asked to contact the local authorities.