Kids and canines share the classroom for new reading program

WINDSOR -- Canines joined school kids in the classroom to start the week at Oliver Ellsworth School in Windsor.

The program called "Read to a Therapy Dog" returned to the school. Read to a Therapy Dog gives students a chance to sharpen their reading schools in a non-pressure setting. The program is made possible by Bolton based Healers with Halos.

Gail Davis, the director of Healers with Halos said, "for the kids it really opens up a different world for them, they can read to the dog and they're not intimidated." Davis added, "and the dogs are good listeners."

A group of first graders read to a Bernese Mountain Dog named Otis, a Border Collie named Toby, and a Golden Retriever named Riley to name a few of the canine companions on hand. "We visit schools, hospice patients, hospitals, a variety of different facilities," said Brenda Cataldo from Healers with Halos. Davis, the director, added that her 14-year old program has now teamed 70 dogs with trainers who make stops all over the state. "For the kids, it really opens up a different world for them," she said.

To find out more about Healers with Halos Therapy dogs click here.


The Oliver Ellsworth School