Auction held at Apricots in Farmington

FARMINGTON -- A Farmington restaurant, Apricots Restaurant and Pub is closed.

On Tuesday just about everything inside was auctioned off. People crammed into the back of the dark kitchen, bidding on dishes and cook ware.

Outside of the kitchen construction was taking place.

The restaurant along route 4 on the Farmington River was owned by Ann Howard and Joe Howard Jr., since 1983.

"I think I'd rather that the restaurant was still open all things considered cause it was such a great restaurant and it's been here for like decades but if it is closing at least people can have a little fun and get a few tokens from this restaurant if it's been here for so long," said Sarah Bogdan, from Farmington.

FOX61 obtained court documents showing the owners may have been facing some financial trouble prior to its closure.