First responders strategizing for yet more snow

HARTFORD -- First responders have their preparations in place as another snow storm is on the way.

Just like road crews, paramedics have to plan ahead to make sure they can answer the call in any of kind of weather. The crews at Aetna Ambulance in Hartford have had lots of practice so far this season but, if need be, they will stage crews out in the storm.

"We will post ambulances throughout our district areas, they will be strategically located in certain places, under bridges or in a places where windshields won't freeze," said Bob Mara, an EMT Supervisor at Aetna Ambulance in Hartford's South End.

"We'll be able to respond to emergencies quicker if we're closer and spread out more," Mara added.

Paramedics made it a point that people should shovel their walkways as soon as they are able so first responders are able to do their jobs more effectively.