GOP candidates for governor hold meet and greet forum in Glastonbury 

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GLASTONBURY - Another Republican candidate event was held Tuesday evening at the Riverfront Park Boathouse.

This comes after Friday’s GOP Meet-and-Greet in Avon ended with Danbury Mayor and candidate for governor, Mark Boughton in the hospital after he collapsed.

On Tuesday, Boughton was out and about with eleven other GOP candidates for governor to meet voters face to face.

Voters told FOX61 they are concerned about Connecticut’s financial crisis but the candidates said they are confident in getting the state back on its feet.

Many voters pointed their fingers at Governor Dannel Malloy.

“I think from the get go, he didn’t see the budget clearly. He should’ve been cutting government spending from day one and he missed the boat on that,” said Sandra Zessin of Glastonbury.

“90 toll booths spread across the state which I think is the most absurd idea I’ve ever heard actually. We’re one of the most taxed states already - to add 90 tolls to me is ridiculous,” said Mark Zessin of Glastonbury.

Representative Prasad Srinivasan agreed with voters.

“He has let the state down. He’s ruined our state. Look at the fiscal responsibility. None whatsoever. Businesses are leaving,” said Rep. Srinivasan.

Meanwhile, Attorney Peter Lumaj is from Albania and said the politics in his country have set an example of what not to enforce here.

“You start by reversing the state income tax, you downsize state agencies by 14%, you reverse for every agency that passes every regulation you reverse for,” said Lumaj.

Former Trumbull First Selectman Timothy Herbst said Connecticut needs to be dismantled.

“We have to start digging our way out of the hole we’re in and the way to do that is with comprehensive pension, benefit reform, targeted tax reform, agency and spending reform, reducing the regulatory burden,” added Herbst.

Concerns were also not ignored over Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton’s health. This comes after he collapsed at the Meet-and-Greet in Avon. The mayor suffered from a seizure brought on by dehydration.

“I’m not trying to make little of it, it’s a serious thing, thank god I had great people around me and I feel great and ready to go,” said Boughton.

The GOP candidates are expected to have two more upcoming debates in April in New Britain and New Canaan.

For a list of candidates in the running, click here.

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