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Fairfield County hit heavily with snow creating slick, slushy road conditions

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY - Schools led with an early dismissal all throughout the state after thinking the fourth Nor'easter would hit Wednesday afternoon.

It turned out the storm did not arrive until the evening time and that is when accumulations started to build up.

"It’s getting old. It’s spring and it’d be nice if it can start looking like spring," said Adam Dunsby, First Selectman of Easton.

It is a statement many people can agree on by now after most of the northeast saw their fourth Nor'easter in three weeks. This time, it brought on wet snow not until later in the evening.

The small town of Easton quickly became desolate after business owners and officials learned of the incoming storm. First Selectman Adam Dunsby said he is hoping this will be the last storm of the season.

"As you can see, this storm ended up being or at least so far, less than we had anticipated so we haven’t had the plows, there are no power outages, so we’re in good shape so far," added Dunsby.

Kids in Easton had a half day while most schools in Fairfield were closed all day.

"I was expecting to get a whole lot more!" said Matt Spalding of Fairfield.

Spalding said his kids spent the day at home when he thinks schools could still have ran on schedule.

"I kind of changed my work schedule around. I’m a self employed handy man, so I kind of worked the schedule around but turns out, I didn’t need to! With my kids being off from school today, I just kind of took a day!" added Spalding.

Daniel Kelly agreed and said the kids have racked up too many snow days for little to no storms.

"The kids had a half day of school and I think they missed a lot of school already so they need to stay in school," said Kelly.

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