March 2018 Above & Beyond Award: Michael Bodner

Michael Bodner

US Marines, Police Officer

Hartford Police Department


Nominated by Sarah Bewsee :

“As a sergeant in the marines as an MP (military police), served in CA at 29 Palms.  Came home and became a police officer for HPD.  He’s always going above trying to help those in need.  He’s given clothes, food, and has gone above and beyond helping others all throughout life.  He had even paid a train ticket from NYC to CT and helped find a homeless veteran a shelter when even the VA was unable to help.  He didn’t give up & with the help of a friend got him into a shelter when all were full.  He has a good heart despite the negativity surrounding police officers.  He suffers from chronic pain from being shot in the line of duty years ago, some days are a real struggle. But he puts on his uniform and gear and goes to work.  People don’t see the struggle, and yet he still wants to make a difference in a world that is falling apart”



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