Some parts of CT spared by fourth nor’easter in 3 weeks

MIDDLETOWN --  By now, many people across Connecticut are used to the snow.

“This is New England,” said Dave Latronica. “Can’t be afraid of the snow.”

However, while much of Middletown rode out Wednesday’s snow storm indoors, the Latronica family took a different approach.

“We wanted to come out and have some dinner,” Mr. Latronica said.

Unfortunately when the family arrived to the First and Last Tavern on Main Street, the doors were locked. The weather forced the establishment to close up shop early along with many businesses in the neighborhood.

Even Dave and Kate Latronica’s kids were dismissed early from school. With a fourth nor’easter in less than a month, all of the snow days are adding up to an extended school year for some students.

“I’m not a huge fan of the snow days anymore,” said Seth Latronica. “They were fun at first but now they’re just getting old.”

On the other hand, the snow days can be an opportunity.

“Why not go out,” said Mrs. Latronica. “You know we were all home together as a family. Doesn’t happen that often that we can all be together.”

The family wasn’t the only group out searching for food in Wednesday’s snow storm.

“We are hunting for food and books,” said Ahmed Aldarmaki.

That’s how Aldarmaki and Muhommad Alneyadi are spending their spring break.

For the Wesleyan University freshmen, it feels more like a winter break.

They plan on making different plans next year.

“I think we are going to California to enjoy the warm weather,” Alneyadi said.

Wednesday’s nor’easter turned out to be among the more mild storms for some parts of the state.

In places like Middletown, Meriden and New Britain, the roads were relatively clear.

“Well its been like this for the last few nor’easters out here in northern Connecticut or Hartford county," said Luc Anis.

Because the weather wasn’t so bad in West Hartford, Anis decided to spend his time during the storm enjoying Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

“Yea I mean it’s cold but it still tastes good,” he said.