Southington man arrested after violent altercation at hotel

SOUTHINGTON — Police say 39-year-old Michael Lasek was arrested Tuesday after a violent altercation at a hotel.

The incident happened at the Residence Inn at 778 West Street. Police say Lasek and the victim started to fight while in a room at the hotel.

During the fight, Lasek allegedly struck the victim in the face several times, kicked the victim in the stomach, and strangled the victim to the point of cutting off their ability to breathe.

Lasek also attempted to throw the victim out of the hotel’s window, and held a knife to the victim’s throat.

During the assault, the victim tried to call 911 for help, but Lasek allegedly ripped the phone from the wall, and beat the victim in the head with it.

The victim eventually escaped the room, and was found by hotel staff running through the hallway followed by Lasek.

The victim was rushed to the hospital. Lasek faces charges of breach of peace, interfering with an emergency call, assault, threatening, strangulation, and unlawful restraint.