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NEW BRITAIN --  On a typical day, Brian Shea is at the New Britain Police Department where he works as a detective specializing in crimes against children.

"I always wanted to do something in my life where I would help people," said Shea.

He is a father, a husband, a former teacher, Navy officer, and now, as of March 15, a self published author.

“I would average like four hours of sleep a night for a chunk of that process," said Shea.

This book is the first of a three-book fiction series based on some of his own life experiences. It chronicles the lives of three very different characters as they face off against a terrorist who is as unique as he is deadly.

“Hopefully I can reach a wider audience, and talk about some real issues," said Shea. "Maybe open some dialogue.”

It's a dialogue that Shea hopes will be shared by all.

“Not just police and military," said Shea. "I want it to appeal to the general masses.”

The title, The Camel's Back, draws on instances that prove that the straw really can be the thing that breaks it all.

“Instead of looking at the acts that people do, if we can focus on the what creates those, and how people end up in those positions, then we may have a better understanding of how to prevent them," said Shea.

Shea often finds himself getting lost in his writing. He said it has helped him detach from the traumas he has accrued at his job, that focuses primarily on child sexual assault and abuse cases.

“This became my outlet," said Shea. "I think it was a huge cathartic experience because it lets me in a fictional way kind of tell some stories.”

And with the start of each new chapter, Shea hopes to shed light on the heart that beats behind the badge.

“Each of us are individuals outside of this office," said Shea. "We all have families and lives and passions that extend beyond the day-to-day of what we do.”

Shea's book is available on Amazon, and his next book is scheduled to be released on the fourth of July.

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