Rescue dog looking for home after two years in Canton shelter

CANTON --  Sassy, energetic, and playful are some words to describe Cesara who has stolen the hearts of volunteers at the Dog Star Rescue.

“Cesara is our gem,” said Dan McCabe, co-founder of Dog Star Rescue. “Our diamond in the rough and she is ready for adoption.”

Her favorite things? The toy bin, fetch, and treats for days! There’s one piece of this dog that is admirable, but heartbreaking at the same time: Cesara’s patience.

“We are fortunate that most of our dogs find homes in 12 to 14 days,” said Dog Star Rescue co-founder Ellen McCabe. “So after 2 years you can only imagine how frustrating it is. Every time we have an adoption event we're all just waiting like, 'Is Cesara's family coming?'.”

Two years.

That's how long Cesara has been in a shelter and while she has volunteers who love and care for her, they all feel this dog deserves a home.

“Cesara is very, very sweet,” said Dan, “very people friendly.”

The rescue pulled her from the "kill list" at a shelter in South Carolina. Volunteers there knew she'd be a great companion.

This army of volunteers have been working hard since then to find her family. Cesara was even the face of Dog Star Rescue for last year's Tournament of Tails, featured  on FOX61.

Animal rescues from across the country go head-to-head in a March Madness style fundraiser. She's even made the Hartford Courant, as well as the animal lover’s site- The Dodo.

If you want to cast a vote in this year's Tournament of Tails, click here.

Still, nothing for Cesara.

"She wants to be with people, she wants to sit on a couch next to you,” said Sue Therrien, a volunteer who has committed time and effort to walking Cesara for the last year. “She needs to have exercise, movement, challenges, she's intelligent."

There is an adoption fee for Cesara, but the rescue said in this case, someone is sponsoring her, and that $450 will actually go toward additional training for this special dog and her new family.

"Cesara has been through a lot and she's been in a shelter or kennel situation for two years so we know she might have an adjustment period,” said Ellen. “We want the family that adopts her to feel supported with professionals who are going to be able to guide them along the way to make Cesara's transition as easy as possible.”

Until then, Cesara's patient wait continues. Her Dog Star family remains anxious with hopeful hearts.

“The day she gets adopted there won’t be a dry eye in Dog Star Rescue,” said Dan.

Cesara is a mix of American Staffordshire Terrier and Boxer. She is three or for years old and is house, crate, and leash trained. Rescuers said she loves kids but she does not like other animals and therefore needs to be the only pet in your home.

If you are interested in Cesara visit Dog Star Rescue or email