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SOUTH WINDSOR -- Dogs are big business at Camp Bow Wow in South Windsor

Business is booming inside camp bow wow for owner Tami Sarra-Romejko.

“What is not to love about dogs? I have grown up with dogs my whole life,” she says.

The doggie daycare in South Windsor is typically bustling with the barks of between 90 and 100 dogs.

“Seeing them roll in the door and seeing how happy and excited, I literally just laugh and smile. They make your day,” says Sarra-Romejko.

It’s a family affair for this mom of three. She opened the franchise in 2008 as a newly-divorced woman looking to follow her passion for pups.

“I wanted something where I could be a full-time mom and somehow run a business and there wasn’t a person out there who didn’t think I was completely nuts."

Sarra-Romejko’s daughter Nicole Sarra says connecting with the animals is key to the family’s success.

“There is a lot that goes into making sure the dogs day run successfully, knowing the dogs individually, and when they’re all together,” says Sarra.

Brittany Hills and her pitbull, Stella, are regulars at Camp Bow Bow, where the canines are called “campers” and they are ready to play.

“I think especially for being a dog lover, I always feel guilty with my high-energy dogs leaving them at home all the time,” says Hills.

Owners are paying $29 a day for their four-legged friends or $42 for the night.

Hills admitting with a laugh that parting with her pets comes at a cost, "I think i’m going to say it’s about 50-50. At this point having two dogs it’s just living expenses and dogs,” she says.

With that kind of investment the demand for service is high. Clients are regularly calling to check on their animals and thanks to technology they’re getting updates with live playground cameras.

“We do have an app for the iphone and android, so when I talk to new customers I always joke you’re not away from your dog, they’re always in your pocket!”

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