Four’easter aftermath: Locals sick of the snow

This past nor'easter, although not bringing as much snow as previously thought, it still brought enough to make its presence known in Milford.
"Not too bad," says Francisco Torres. "About 2.5 inches."

"Not too bad", that is what some folks thought when they woke up to more snow.

"I like the winter," says Torres, who shovels several local sidewalks. "It's the work you know... I need it for the money for my family."

But those who do not rely on winter for work day they have had enough.

"I wish it was over," says Ben Sykas.

Three days into official spring, folks say they are ready for it to start feeling like it.

"Everybody is looking for spring, that’s all they want," says Linda Robinson. "Everybody is tired of it, that is all they are doing is complaining about it."

Not too much snow stuck to the roads, but it was enough to cause a few problems.

“The trains were slowed down, schools at least did a delay so they didn’t lose a day of school," says Robinson. "It was a lot of hoopla for nothing!”

Fun for kids, adults not so much.

"They love a delay, they love a snow day," says Rachel Turner, a parent dropping her kids off at Foran High School, which had a two hour delay on Thursday. "Not me!”

This storm, caused a few delays and headaches for folks on the roads, but police say it did not pose too many safety concerns.

“Fortunately, the last two storms, yesterday being the second one of the two, we kind of dodged a bullet," says Officer Mike DeVito of the Milford police department. "We had very little wires down, outages, and roads being blocked by trees, so we were fortunate in that aspect.”

Now it is time for spring!

“It needs to just warm up very quick," says Deborah Appleby. "I am sick of the snow!”