Newtown’s ‘Team 26’ cycles to Hartford for ‘March for Our Lives’ rally

HARTFORD-- About 30 cyclists from Newtown,traveled from their hometown to the state capitol Saturday, to support the "March for Our Lives" rally.

The cyclist call themselves 'Team 26' in response to the 2012's Sandy Hook Shooting. Their goal: to send the message to politicians in Washington that Americans want sensible gun laws.  They have traveled from Newtown to Washington D.C. every year since the tragedy.

They rode for about four hours Saturday to join others in Hartford who shared similar goals.

Some of the riders said they were personally affected by the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.

"Having been the ER doctor the day of the Sandy Hook tragedy, and having a first hand witness when I see places around the country have similar events, my heart really goes out for them," said Bill Begg, who rode with the group. "To see the number of people passionate about gun violence in Connecticut after our tragedy in Newtown, it's amazing. The change is gonna happen and this is an example of it right here today."

In addition to the riders, countless adolescents and adults participated in Hartford too.

"The last month we've had a walk out at our school, and to see everyone come together its profound, to see the effect it's had on everyone in high school my age," said Wyatt Cote, who rode with the group and is a high school student. "As our generation gets older we're going to have much more of an effect and it's important to start young and do what we can now so that when it is our time we can really make some change."