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Hartford Healthcare donates generator to Puerto Rican hospital, Hispanic Health Council

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HARTFORD — Harford HealthCare has donated $85,000 to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, some of which will go to purchase a generator for a hospital on the storm damaged island.

Officials said in addition to the money for the generator at a rural hospital in Castener, a $25,000  donation  will go to the Hispanic Health Council of Hartford to assist families from Puerto Rico displaced by Hurricane Maria. It will help secure long-term housing, such as deposits for rent or to turn on utility services.

The hospital, Castañer General, continues to serve as a lifeline for its rural community of farmers and migrant workers.

“We asked the council how we could help improve the health of our displaced neighbors,’’ said Jeffrey A. Flaks, president and chief operating officer of Hartford HealthCare. “They told us that without warm, clean, safe homes, nobody can be healthy.’’

Officials said, “The donation grew out of Hartford HealthCARES, a new, employee-led initiative that will enable Hartford HealthCare and its generous staff to respond to emergencies and disasters as needs arise. For its first effort, Hartford HealthCARES addressed the needs of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria on Sept. 20, 2017.”

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