Gov. Malloy celebrates 3rd anniversary of CTfastrak

HARTFORD -- Public transportation in the state is progressing from people hopping on buses to new rail lines coming. But at what cost?

Wednesday marks the third anniversary of CTfastrak and Governor Dannel Malloy said ridership has surpassed $15 million, but he said the investment that he made on services like CTfastrak need to be returned, like implementing statewide electronic tolling beginning in the fiscal year of 2023.

The transportation committee has voted to support Gov. Malloy's proposal for electronic tolling last week. Long term goals include increasing bus service east of the river.

That could also mean a 7-cents increase in the gas tax gradually implemented over a four-year period. Gov. Malloy is also proposing the acceleration of the transfer of car sales tax by two years and establishing a $3 dollar per tire fee on tire purchases.

"If we want our cities and our towns to be livable and walk-able communities we need to invest in public transportation," Gov. Malloy said. "I'm tired of hearing how other communities and other states that have invested in transportation are prospering and then having people wondering why we're not prospering to the extent that we would like to be."

Another public transportation development coming this spring is a new railroad line between Hartford and New Haven. Union Station in Hartford is also slated for renovations, as part of a project to replace a two-mile stretch of I-84.