Crowd gathers to participate in first ever Stop the Bleed Day

MANCHESTER --Saturday was National Stop The Bleed Day. This marks the first year it's being put on. Free bleeding control basics classes were offered all over the state.

About 100 people gathered into Cheney Hall in Manchester to get training on how to help someone who is bleeding before first responders arrived. First people sat and took notes before practicing themselves. Manchester emergency responders helped teach people what to do in different types of bleeding situations.

"The recent shootings have brought attention to bleeding control and this is a skill that is going to be in my opinion as common as CPR training in the near future," said Joshua Beaulieu, Battalion Chief for Manchester Fire. "We train people everyday in CPR because minutes count. In bleeding emergencies minutes also count, when someone can bleed out in 3 to 4 minutes from a severe wound."

Beaulieu said they had a wait list of about 50 people wanting to participate so they hope to do another event like this in the future.