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Court to hear appeal of man injured in hit-and-run crash 

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HARTFORD — The Connecticut Supreme Court will hear the appeal of a man seriously injured in a hit-and-run crash who claims an East Haven police officer could have prevented the accident.

Justices are scheduled to hear arguments Monday in Thomas Ventura’s appeal.

Ventura was getting into his car in 2006 when he was struck by van driven by Vladimir Trnka, who fled. Ventura says the East Haven officer should have arrested Trnka and had his van towed an hour before the accident in connection with a disturbance at a fast-foot restaurant, but didn’t.

Ventura sued East Haven and was awarded $6 million after a jury decided the officer should have ordered Trnka’s van towed away.

But the state Appellate Court overturned the verdict. Ventura appealed to the Supreme Court.

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