More snow? Ugh

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Say it ain't snow! Here we are on April second, talking about snow once again!

“It’s April, it’s still snowing," says Higor Magusoch. "I don’t know, it’s crazy weather!”

Snow started in the early morning hours on Monday, and continued through the middle of the day.

“When I left my house at 20 after three it wasn’t snowing," says Tim Kokoski. "I didn’t hit snow until 20 after four on 91.”

Turns out, Mother Nature decided to extend winter well into Spring, and folks we spoke to were not too happy about it!

“I’m sick of it," says Kokoski.

“It’s real weird being that it’s spring time, and getting all of this snow," says Tavares McGregor. "It’s crazy.”

While the snow did not stick around for long  people in the Waterbury and Wallingford area said they are ready for some sun.

“I expected it to be sunny, I expected flowers on the ground and there is non of that,” Megan Smith of Wallingford said.

Smith along with others said the sounds of slushy snow on the roads and snow plows are not what wanted to wake up to in April.

“You figure you know they say March is usually the funny month but this now April, April is the funny month," Waterbury resident Maria Bigby said.

Schools were delayed in both areas but things like public transportation and businesses ran on schedule this morning. Despite the snow not being too bad people said they have had enough for this winter season.

“My account is in Grand Central right to Grand Central to pay my taxing,” Waterbury resident Ched Joshi said.

Some schools, like Orange, North Haven, and Weston called for delays. Others, like West Haven, Shelton, and Seymour, even going as far as cancelling schools. But for Lovone's kids in Milford, they were not so lucky.

“They hoped it was a delay but it wasn’t a delay today," says Lovone A. "They wanted to stay home for two more hours!”

Lovone was shocked she had to dust off her shovel, and put it to good use after thinking she had seen the last of the snow this year.

"I have a shovel because I wanted to shovel my daughter a pathway to go to school because she had sneakers, and I'm not getting no snow boots," says Lovone. "It’s just crazy a day after Easter.”

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