Caucus held on creating meaningful jobs for people with IDD

Most adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) are either unemployed or underemployed.

That’s why on Tuesday members of the IDD Caucus along with advocates, met to discuss public policy to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

The session allowed for three companies to present how they are working to create programs to help people with IDD find meaningful employment.

One of the speakers included 25-year-old self advocate Lauren Traceski.

She currently works at Michael’s Craft Store and receives job support from the Arc of the Farmington Valley. She said she hopes community members can understand how important it is to include people with IDD in the workforce.

“It’s important because I think everybody with IDD should be in a job you know. It hurts to see people at home you know being at home and not doing anything,” Traceski said.

One of the companies at the event was Cigna.

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer Dr. Mark Boxer said Cigna has made a conscious decision to recruit and train people with disabilities and discussed how it has proved to be beneficial.