53 people in West Hartford remember Dr. King’s Mountaintop speech

WEST HARTFORD -- 50 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King held his famous Mountaintop speech during a cloudy, rainy day.

West Hartford community members also didn’t let a cloudy, rainy day prevent them from delivering a message of their own, 50 years later.

53 west Hartford community members were tasked with reading every single word of Dr. King’s Mountaintop speech inside West Hartford’s Town Hall auditorium.

“He loved everyone. And he thought that the beloved community was the framework future,” said Jane Lehman, the chair for Connecticut Center for Nonviolence.

She organized this event in this manner because she wanted a diverse representation of people who truly reflect Dr. King’s image of America.

Lehman also helped organize a community building activity for children. Kids got the opportunity to build mini building with blocks forming a diverse community any way they see fit.

“Anything that helps get Dr. King's legacy out into the public and is a teachable moment and gets more people to understand what it was that he was really saying. If I can be some small part of that then I'm thrilled,” said Lehman.