A sign of spring: Hammonasset osprey camera goes live

MADISON — As spring makes slow progress in its arrival, the Hammonasset osprey camera has gone live.

The Hammonasset Osprey Camera  is a joint project of the  Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection  and Menunkatuck Audubon Society. Viewers can watch video from one of the osprey platforms at Hammonasset Beach State Park.

A press release said, “The solar-powered camera is installed on the osprey platform just west of the Meigs Point Nature Center and will be streaming the breeding behavior of ospreys including pair bonding and nest building through the rearing and fledging of the chicks. Ospreys have been nesting on the platform every year since Menunkatuck installed it in 2012. This year the birds, which return to the nest they used the previous year, returned from their winter in South America on March 25 and 26.”

The camera is funded by author Ted Williams and a grant from the French Foundation, and with the cooperation of DEEP and the Meigs Point Nature Center.