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Dog whose snout was hacked off with machete finds new home

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Wilhardt says despite his missing snout, Wacku is still able to swallow, eat, sniff and give kisses. (SWNS)

OREGON —  A dog who had its snout hacked off with a machete has found a new home after living in a shelter the past five years, according to Fox News.

Seven-year-old Wacku was attacked by a drunken man while guarding his owner’s tricycle in 2012 and suffered life-threatening injuries due to the incident.

Wacku was later rescued by a local animal welfare charity. Stemming from this incident,  it prompted the country to change its laws by increasing sentences and fines for animal abusers, according to Fox News.

His new owner, Liesl Wilhardt, runs the non-profit Luvable Dog Rescue and also owns Picasso, a corgi pit bull mix with a twisted jaw, along with seven other pups. (SWNS)

Wacku had spent five years at a Philippines shelter until Road Dogs and Rescue in the U.S. heard his story and traveled to bring him back to America.

Wacku, shortly after, was adopted by Liesl Wilhardt, a woman who lives in Eugene, Oregon, according to Fox News.

“It wasn’t just how shocking his features are but he seems so intelligent and social and I just thought, ‘What a survivor,’” she said.

Wilhardt said that despite his missing snout, Wacku is still able to swallow, eat, sniff and give kisses.

“He has lost half his face and it’s crazy at first, but he acts so normal and happy and once people get to know who he is on the inside they forget about it,” Wilhardt said.

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