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Former Easton EMT accused of stealing guns and posing as cop

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BRIDGEPORT — Police don’t know what former Sacred Heart University student and Easton EMT Christoper Barlow’s end game was, but, they are thankful for discovering a locked cabinet inside this Easton EMS building.

Now 21-year-old Christopher Barlow appeared in Bridgeport Superior Court Thursday, facing five charges, including two counts of stealing a firearm, two counts of voyeurism, and taking unauthorized photos of accident victims while on the job as an EMT.

He is also accused possessing fake IDs, including ones identifying him as an Easton police officer, a U.S. Coast Guard agent and employee of homeland security.

While attending Sacred Heart University, Barlow, from Duxbury, MA, was a volunteer EMT for Easton EMS from November of 2015 through May of 2017.

May 30, 2017, after Barlow had gone back to his Massachusetts home for the summer, Barlow’s arrest warrant affidavit said numerous bags of different kinds of powder, which could be used to create explosives, were discovered in a cabinet inside the EMS building. Easton police said that surveillance video showed Barlow was the only one going in and out of that cabinet.

After Easton police discovered gun parts in the room, in which Barlow stayed in the EMS building, they alerted police in his Massachusetts hometown, but Duxbury police were well aware of who he was.

They had arrested Barlow in the past for domestic violence, assault and battery and a bomb hoax involving a school.

Duxbury police told Easton police, last June 27th, that upon searching Barlow’s Duxbury bedroom, they found more of the same powder, numerous guns, badges, drugs and EMT materials. They also seized a laptop and two phones.

Among those guns: two that had been stolen from another EMT in Easton.

Includes in the 23,000 pictures police recovered were photos of two female patients, in ambulances, while under the care of Barlow. One of the pictures allegedly showed a woman’s bare chest.

Barlow was in police custody in Duxbury for eight months, from last June until this February, and is required by Duxbury to wear a GPS ankle bracelet and is not permitted to leave his home, except for court dates and doctors appointments. His Connecticut case has been moved to the Bridgeport gun docket and has been continued until April 19.

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