Justin Timberlake and the “Super Bowl selfie Kid” reunite for a new photo

BOSTON —We all remember this year’s real Super Bowl MVP, the “Selfie Kid.”

As Justin Timberlake was capping off his Super Bowl halftime show performance with “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” in Minneapolis by bursting into the massive crowd at U.S. Bank Stadium, a teenage New England Patriots fan seemed to be middle of something much more important on his cell phone after scoring the selfie of a lifetime with Timberlake.

13-year-old Ryan McKenna cited equipment issues as the reason behind his distracted appearance, but before he could explain why he was looking at his phone in interviews, the internet quickly got busy creating numerous memes about the Hingham, Massachusetts young man.

Now, the “Selfie Kid” is back!

The seventh grader reunited with Timberlake backstage at the pop star’s concert at TD Garden in Boston on Wednesday night— and took another selfie.

McKenna was gifted tickets to the concert during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” a few days after the Super Bowl.

His smile was particularly bright this time around as it seems he had his braces removed since the first selfie was taken.

“Great time meeting @justintimberlake #manofthewoodstour!!” McKenna wrote in the caption.