New Haven legislators approve funding for sinking homes in three neighborhoods

NEW HAVEN - Longtime residents in several neighborhoods in New Haven are fed up to see their homes and sidewalks slowly crumble apart.

New Haven legislators announced Friday the approval of funding to help these homeowners.

"I'm afraid I can stub and fall and hurt myself," said Leroy Mims of New Haven.

Mims has lived on Fountain Terrace for many years. It was just recently when he became extremely concerned when he discovered a large crack on the outside of his house.

Before that, Mims said he had his sidewalk done because it cracked. A couple years later, it happened again. He said he has spent close to $3,000 repeatedly fixing it.

"I had it laid and it cracked up again. I paid for a new sidewalk to put it down and about three or four years after I put it down, the same thing happened," said Mims.

One of Mims' neighbors is dealing with bigger issues. He did not want to go on camera but did show FOX 61 around his house the damage.

There was a history of a gas leak, there is a large sinkhole in his backyard, his fences have to be tied to the deck because the ground is slanted and there was caulking done on the outside to seal a crack.

Representative Patricia Dillon said it all has to do with the proximity of where the homes are located from the West River.

"We’ve had dramatic storms that have hit that part of the city very very hard and it doesn’t get as much attention because they don’t live on the sound," said Rep. Patricia Dillon.

The State Bond Commission is expected to approve $1 million of grants-in-aid to homeowners. The money will be used to help them make urgent repairs.

"There’s a high water table for that part of the city," added Rep. Dillon.

Aside from Fountain Terrace, Beverly Road and Stephenson Road also have sinking homes. The grant will be given to the residents there as well.