Quinnipiac students participate in ‘The Big Event’ in Hamden

HAMDEN -- On Saturday morning some Quinnipiac students spent the day volunteering in the community. They spread out into the community to volunteer their time at different organizations, for The Big Event.

First about 1500 students met on campus where they gathered in the recreation center to hear about the meaningful day before they grabbed rakes and tools to head out onto white buses into the community. Quinnipiac's president commented on how proud he is of the students

"Our students live in the community and they do things sometimes that causes some friction and problems in the neighborhood, so this is a way of giving back and showing that young people are young people, and they're not perfect, but their hearts are in the right place," said John Lahey, president of Quinnipiac University.

This is the ninth year the university has put this on.

"I was actually excited when I woke up this morning a little tired and in the car ride I was like let's go," said Emily Bhoy, a sophomore.