The Real Story – State Sen. Mae Flexer

Sen. Mae Flexer (D) Killingly - She was the first Democratic office holder to call for the resignation of U.S. Rep Elizabeth Esty (D) District 5, following the revelation that Esty badly mishandled allegations of threats and physical assault against an aide, by her former Chief of Staff, Tony Baker.  She kept Baker on the job for three months after learning of the allegations, then gave him a $5,000 severance payment, and a recommendation letter for a new job out of state.  Sen. Flexer also discusses her support for a pending bill that would add Connecticut to the list of states that favor electing a president by popular vote, rather than electoral vote.  That change has already been enacted in eleven states, with a 165 electoral votes, but it won't be effective nationally until it's approved in states representing 270 electoral votes (the number currently needed to elect a president).  Connecticut's approval would add 7 electoral votes to the total..