EXCLUSIVE: Former Red Sox player’s house robbed in Colchester

COLCHESTER – Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Craig Hansen usually stops people from stealing.

Having his own property swiped is a whole different ballgame.

The former pitcher bought property in Colchester last year, for business purposes.

“Saw the opportunity with the commercial land that this house sits on and looking to redevelop it to something that's going to help produce income for the town,” said Hansen.

He decided to use that vacant house on the lot as his personal storage facility, but on March 28, the house was burglarized.

Inside the house was an expensive car and other valuables but, they were left alone. Instead, the thieves stole things that have no price tag.

“They took childhood trophies, childhood plaques, jerseys from youth teams, high school, college, professional teams,” said Hansen.

He notified police who are now investigating the crime. The former pitcher now has a simple request to whomever made away with his things.

“If you bring the stuff back down to Colchester police station, no charges will be pressed,” said Hansen.

He also claims that a reward will be given to anyone who can provide the Colchester Police Department with information that leads to an arrest in this crime.