Two Southington residents arrested for animal cruelty

SOUTHINGTON -- Police say they've arrested two people, charging them with animal cruelty.

Police say Jason Savage, 41, and his wife Kelly Savage, 38, were arrested after police say they had three abandoned dogs in the basement bedroom of their home.

Kelly left, Jason right

Animal control found the dogs, back on February 21st, and found that the conditions in the bedroom were uninhabitable. Trash and feces were covering the floor. Animal Control found one of the dogs had been removed from the home before they arrived, but the other two dogs were found to be in poor health. They were infested with fleas, and they were emanating an unhealthy odor.

Animal Control found the third dog at another home. That dog was also found to be infested with fleas, smelling, and was stained with urine and feces.

Animal Control took custody of all three dogs, and provided veterinary care for them. Based on their poor health and condition, the vet recommended two of the dogs had to be put down.

The remaining dog was treated but a local vet and a treatment plan was in place and is being taken of by Southington Animal Control.

During the course of the investigation, Animal Control could find no proof that the dogs had been vaccinated.

Jason and Kelly Savage were charged with cruelty to animals, no rabies vaccination, and failure to comply with dog ownership requirements.

Both were processed and held on a $5,000 bond, and are due in court today.