South Windsor family hoping to make a difference in people’s lives one ‘EGGG’ at a time

SOUTH WINDSOR -- A South Windsor family is hoping to make a difference in the lives of others, and it is all with the help of stress EGGGs.

It started with Play-Doh.

"If she started to feel like she was being triggered, I could pull out the materials, and she could make the stress balls," said Barbara Eddy, a South Windsor mom. "It would calm her down."

Eddy adopted Edeline, and two of her siblings from Haiti four years ago.

"Edeline is special needs with a cognitive delay, and PTSD," said Eddy.

Edeline spent the majority of her life in different orphanages where her disabilities were not understood. Eddy said Edeline was often whipped in Haiti for not being able to read or write.

"What happens when you can't read here," Eddy asked Edeline.

"They help you," replied Edeline.

And now, Edeline is hoping to help others with her stress EGGGS. Edeline makes stress balls that she calls EGGGs, and then sells for two dollars a piece.

"The letters stand for E-G-G-G... Edeline gives glory to God," said Edeline.

Edeline, and her family feel this is a way to give back, and show thanks for all of the help she has received since coming to America.

"When you give, God gives you more," said Edeline.

Since starting to make these EGGGs six months ago, Edeline has raised a total of $491, and she donates a portion of her proceeds to a different charity each month.

"She keeps 20 percent, she gives away 20 percent, and we take 60 percent, and invest it back into Play-Doh, and balloons, and marketing materials and things like that," said Eddy.

Edeline said making these EGGGs has become more than just a hobby, they are a source of comfort.

"I feel great," said Edeline. "I make them when I feel scared, and I make them when I feel anxious."

Eddy said living with special needs can be a challenge, but she believes that these EGGGs are a sign of hope for Edeline's future.

"These EGGGs give Edeline a chance to shine, these EGGGs give Edeline a chance to help others, these EGGGs allow Edeline to have a purpose in life," said Eddy.

Edeline has donated to several different causes. She has sent money to her former orphanage in Haiti, a ministry that helps adults with special needs, just to name a few.

EGGGs are now being carried at a local store in Windsor, and another in Tolland. Edeline also has her own Facebook page for her product. But she does more than just sell the EGGGs.

"I think she's donated about as many as she's sold," said Eddy.

And it seems as though these EGGGs have helped so many others, just as much as they have helped Edeline.

"So proud," said Eddy. " So proud."