Woman dumps boyfriend who said she had a ‘beer gut’

Shelby Johnson told her Twitter followers she planned on dumping her boyfriend after he made the comment — or as she put it, she was “dropping a hefty 180 pounds.” (Shelby Johnson)

A woman kicked her boyfriend to the curb after he complained about her “beer gut.”

After posting a series of text messages between the two on Twitter, Shelby Johnson, 23, who is also a student at Portland State University, according to Fox News, gained thousands of supportive internet friends.

Johnson said she was trying to turn a negative into a positive.

“My goal has been to turn this into a positive thing and empower everyone to feel good about themselves and stand up for themselves,” said Shelby Johnson, in a statement to Fox News. “It took me a long time to get where I am with my self-esteem and I want every woman out there to know they can get there too! Regardless of the men who say otherwise.”

Johnson had been dating her now-ex-boyfriend for a few months before mentioning her supposed beer belly.

“You’re definitely getting a beer gut babe,” said the boyfriend in one of the texts.

The ex-boyfriend told Johnson that she didn’t quite look the same as she did in the Instagram pictures he saw leading up to meeting her.

In March, Johnson wrote on Twitter saying that she was “feeling hurt” by her boyfriend’s words.

She then asked her Twitter followers if she was overreacting. To her surprise, many said she was not.

Johnson also wrote on Twitter that she was the same weight (120 pounds) when she met her boyfriend. She added that it had been a struggle to gain weight since she was in high school.

“I was 80-90 and my doctors never figured out why I couldn’t keep on weight. At 20, I started gaining. When I did, I never felt happier and more healthy,” she wrote.

The following day, Johnson updated her followers saying she plans on dumping her boyfriend, or in other words “dropping a hefty 180 pounds.”

Shortly after, Johnson said she was single and that her ex-boyfriend felt like a jerk for being called out online.

“I want to update you guys that we are broken up. He was really unhappy and felt like s***, especially after knowing my tweet went viral,” she said. “He has told me he’ll use this as a learning experience to be a better person. And here I am, single and free.”