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Police: Teen arrested for stealing car days after leaving juvenile detention

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HARTFORD --  A teen is in trouble with the Hartford Police Department once again.

Police said the teen has a long track record of stealing cars from all over Connecticut. On Friday, he was arrested for the same crime, marking it the sixth time he has been arrested in a stolen car.

This comes just after he was released from juvenile detention nine days ago.

"He's in car accidents, he's been shot, this is all while he was 16 and 17," said Deputy Chief Brian Foley.

Police said they are becoming extremely frustrated as the 17-year old is no stranger to them. They also believe he is a suspect in the stolen car rollover crash on Capitol Avenue that happened Thursday.

They said the SUV was stolen out of Manchester.

Foley said the teen was arrested on December 2016 and then again in May, September and November 2017. Then, he was in juvenile detention from November until April.

"We arrest these juveniles over and over and over and you want to say crime is bad in Hartford, well, we're doing our part in bringing people in and getting them arrested. They just end up right back out here," added Foley.

Around 3:30 a.m. on Friday, Foley said the teen was seen driving in a stolen Infinit on Webster Street in Hartford.

This time, the car was stolen out of Windsor. Eventually, they said he got out of the car and ran away. That is when police set up a perimeter and found him coming out of a backyard on Whitmore Street.

According to police, his hands had fresh scrapes and his pants were covered in mud.

Foley said it has gotten to the point where arresting him will not change his behavior.

"This is a lifestyle that is not conducive with life. He's in danger. Hopefully somebody can get this kid some help," added Foley.

It is a lifestyle where police said he puts everyone's lives in danger and not just Hartford.

"This kid is from New Britain. He stole a car from Windsor. He ends up here in Hartford. This is a regional problem. We all have a stake in it," added Foley.

Police said they also had an active warrant out of Hartford for him for second degree larceny.

They said for all they know, the teen could be in another stolen car any moment and that is why they are hoping someone offers help to the teen so this can stop happening.